CityGuide DMS

Zum Betrieb von CityGuide DMS benötigen Sie die kostenlose Java-Umgebung. Klicken Sie hier um eine aktuelle Version der Java Virtual Machine herunterzuladen.



CityGuide DMS - Demo-Versions

On this page you can find several demo-versions of CityGuide-DMS. They are divided into the following sections:


You can use the following free CityGuide-versions over the internet. Since these are online-versions of our partners, we ask for your understanding if a link is temporarily not available.

The CityGuide Digital Mapping System is also being used in numerous federal and local institutions which cannot publish their data online due to security and copyright reasons.



The city of Hagen offers several interactive maps for free usage on an own online-portal. These maps are classified in the following categories: Life in Hagen, Planning, Construction and living in Hagen, Free-time in Hagen, Ecological environment in Hagen and activities in Hagen.

The highlight is an area-wide mosaic aerial view of the whole city area of Hagen with a ground resolution of 5 cm.

To the interactive maps of the city of Hagen...



The Stadtvermessungsamt of the city of Frankfurt offers in an own online-portal several citymaps for free usage. The maps are classified into: citymap for the citizens of Frankfurt, citymap for climate protection and citymap for seniors.

To the interactive maps of the city of Frankfurt am Main...



The following sections describe with several examples the diverse invocation-possibilites of CityGuide-DMS.

If despite of several tests software- or administration-errors occur, please contact our technical support under the email-address support@webnologic.com.


1. Program-start with a static HTML-page

01) Start with database-settings without HTML-parameter
02) Start with map "Innenstadt" and the object "Zentralbibliothek" (1024x768)
03) Start with map "Stadtplan" and the center-point "Universität" (1280x1024)
04) Start with adjusted screen resolution (960x640)
05) Start with full-size and 75% zoom
06) Start with a dynamic object list
07) Start with the activated measurement-function "Vieleck"
08) Start with symbol-mode "Automatisch"
09) Start with big font-size and broad selection area for partially sighted people
10) Start with external object-parameters


2. Program-start with a dynamic hyperlink-invocation

01) Invocation without parameters (Only for testing of the invocation, returns the version of the online-script)
02) Start with map "Innenstadt" and object "Zentralbibliothek" (1024x768)
03) Start with map "Stadtplan" and center-point "Universität" (1024x1024)
04) Start with adjusted screen-resolution (960x640)
05) Start with fullsize-mode and 75% screen-resolution
06) Start with dynamic object list

07) Start with external object parameters


3. Program-start with prior supply of a search-text

(Please enter at least three signs) 


4. Program-start with a dynamic MapServer map-segment





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